lovely day

It is. Fairly cool still, sunny, and nice breezes here and there. It was immensely enjoyable. I was thinking about heading out and getting in some outdoor workout time, but I don’t really want to, since I have stuff I need and want to do at home.

I’m thinking of things I can work on around the house. But, then again, maybe I should clean first. :-P I’m bored, mostly. I am gonna actually start work on my costume today… I have enough to at least start it. Then, I just have to worry about finishing it in time. Next year I wanna be not so slackin off… then I can be Josie… cuz there ain’t nothin better than a hot pussy cat.

Ok, I think I’m sitting here doing nothing too much. If we’re gonna show the treadmill I need to clean up a bit. Then paint and sew.

Today is a nice day. It’s good to not be in a shitty headachey mood anymore.

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