I need the break

So, thursday (a day I don’t have class anyway) starts a bit of a break, till wednesday next. I think I need it. Just to not have a few things hanging over my head, catch up on reading for geology, relax after my engrish paper (due tomorrow) and suches like that.

I find it too easy to slack off on something by simply doing something else. If I were constantly productive (or mostly so) it wouldn’t be so bad, but I end up simply slacking on totally everything and it’s a pain. sigh

I am nearly done with my profile (self portrait) relief, and this evening I’ll hash out a drawing of my more fantastical one coming up (to start on) tomorrow. I do hope to have the profile done so that I can wholly concentrate on the second relief… I’ll bring it home. I don’t want to have to bring both home, but the profile is due when we get back from break, so if I don’t finish it I’ll have to bring it home. And I’ll need to get a good start on the other one. At least this shit doesn’t stress me out as much as my damned shoe did.

I’m about half way through my paper due tomorrow. It’s mainly organizing content and then editing… I really pretty much have it all written somewhere… If anyone is interested so far, here. Feel free to comment. I’ll be putting up more of it after lab (which I need to leave for soon.)

I have no idea if I made commenting easier (after a few remarks… who would thought anyone was reading this… let alone wanting to comment on it…)

I need to finish getting my fattening ass ready for class.

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