Otto… happy 29th!

Yesterday I finally handed in my shoe. Not much more complete than when I tried handing it in last week, but a bit. My relief is going really well tho, so I’m not worried. It’s due… I wanna say the 5th. Then we work on our second one (which I’ll prolly roll clay for on monday.) I need to get something drawn out before then. Not too bad.

In a bit I’m gonna get my reading done for tomorrow… geo and engrish. I didn’t go to either wednesday, because I wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t go to lab tuesday… It’ll not be difficult to catch up tho.

Today I mostly mowed. Got too hot and sweaty to finish, but mostly done.

I worked out. Contrary to what I was hoping 9 days ago, I haven’t been a good girl about that… but I was today. Of course, I also have backslid some, pulldowns were especially difficult, but I’m not letting that annoy me. I need to push through this wall… I want to work out, I want to be nice and fit and hot and junk… but I’m lazy. And that damned shoe, stupid as it sounds, has kept me from a number of things these last couple of weeks.

So, glad that that’s over, and I can move on. My engrish paper is coming along. I have an idea for my next sculpture… it involves pennies and either solder or flexible wire. I hope it works… I don’t really want to do something with paperclips or clothespins or silly crap like that. Pennies seem pretty awesome… and I only need (at least) 50, so it’s not like it’d cost me much … only a couple bucks.

I did enjoy my workout. I think my grip is improving some… I was actually able to hold the 35s for the entirety of my set… even the last one. Ok, the last one I used straps… but that’s really neither here nor there, because I still slipped some anyway… I was using because I was doing stepups barefoot and didn’t want to drop a 35-pound hunk of iron on my toesies.

sigh I got stuff to do.

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