Crappy, crappy mood every time I think about having to do my stupid shoe. I’ll be handing it in tomorrow, barely gotten anything more done on it. Hates it we do. With a fukkin passion. I’ve gotten a bit done so far, but.. ugh.

Ordered a few things from capricorn’s lair, tho shipping was $7, at least a few of these things I can’t ever seem to be able to find locally… so $28ish isn’t all that much (total) I suppose. Didn’t get a few things I was thinking of getting since that woulda doubled my order… but I did like that pillbox, maybe I’ll get it another time (the one on my wish-list.)

New iPod came today (20G colour.) Otto seems happy with it. yay. Hopefully iBook will be here by friday… I’m getting impatient.

Bored, need to leave in 20 minutes, don’t wanna work on my shoe, generally in a blah mood, too much hanging over my head and me psuedo-unable to deal with it all. Oh well.

I need to mow and such. It rained last night, so grass is still wet. Maybe tomorrow when I get home, or thursday.

Sigh, I slacked off for 3 hours today, and now I have no time to do crap. I wonder how bad it would be to skip lab. It is an hour of drive time… and I really don’t want to go.

I’m falling into a really shitty mood, actually. grrr….

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