I hate this damn shoe

I was up till 630 this morning working on it. Still barely looks like a shoe, and certainly not my shoe. So, it was due today… hence the staying up so damn late to do the fucker… foregoing other things in the homework department (not on purpose, just forgot) doing so… and GETTING NO FUCKING SLEEP!

So, it’s with me today. sigh She decided it would be better if I worked more on it for points off than hand it in as is. If I hand it in monday it’ll be like 10ish points off (total possible of 100) of my grade.


Fucking shoe.

We started our reliefs.

At any rate. I am so damn exhausted it’s not funny. 2 hours of sleep last night… and that’s if you consider the time I went up stairs to the time I got back up to be totally spent sleeping… which I did not. :-( And when I did sleep, it was really fitfull.

I need to work on my outline and crap for my paper. It’s due (the outline, not the paper) friday.

I’m not really in a shitty mood… I’m just easily aggrivated. Not that this is a new thing for Aoife, but I really do try to not be in a constantly bitchy mood.


So, oh well. More shoe this weekend. More writing before that. And generally my hands will not be un-dry for some time.

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