Giant Douche Awards

I’m sorry I didn’t get your plate, fuck-munch.

Yes…. Once again my fucking obnoxious neighbor (well, really they all are) across from me decided that it was waay the fuck too much effort to tell the people at his place that it’s fucking RUDE as HELL to park directly across from someone’s driveway.

We constantly have this happening to us to a degree… but today was special… Because mr Giant Douche with a white truck wanted to ensure that I was unable to get out of my driveway (with the saturn… with it’s awesome smallness and maneauverability) without heading back up it a time or 2 (on that huge slope, with the crap car, while the abs is trying to set up.)

It was truly a fun time this morning… DoucheBag. I’m glad you understand that I’d rather play games getting out of my fucking house than actually getting to class on time.

Here’s what you’ve won:
A complimentary keying the next time I see your fucking truck parked outside.

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