arms…. falling…. off…..

That’s what I get for not lifting for a bit. Stupid stupid stupid. But I just got a workout in, restarting Phase 3 TAP, and so I’ll simply be better about it for now on.

A couple resolutions:

NOTHING goes into my mouth that cannot be counted through the end of the month. (even if it’s clean)
………… (the only exception is Otto’s birthday.)
This means no chineese, no pizza, no reaching into a bag of chips without measuring…

NO outright junkfood through the end of the month.
……….. (again excepting Otto’s birthday.)
No candy. No cake. Nothing I consider too sugary and too unclean.

T, R, F/Sa/Su - TAP
M,W cardio & shoulder rehab
everyday some flexability

actually TRACK my INTAKE
I just haven’t been. not a big deal, but I want to till the end of the month.

at least one glass of WATER a day. I just don’t drink enough. baby steps.

The workouts I’ve been slacking on and that needs to stop. The food thing I’ve not been that bad about, and for the most part is not a worry to me. However, when I maintain my dicipline, it’s easier for Otto to maintain his (esp since I’m the one cooking his food) and that’s important.
That, and I’ve been having issues with not eating enough on mondays and wednesdays, and that’s not a good thing.

So, this is a resolution to be a very good girl through the end of the month. That’s only like 10 days, minus Otto’s birthday. If I do this, then I get to have been good at least 1/2 this month in a strict eating and working out sense, and then my middle of the road eating and laziness in workouts for the other 1/2 month isn’t all that bad.

I’m maintaining here… for the most part. But that does require effort, eating reasonably, and WORKING THE FUCK OUT. So….

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