Ahoy! and RAmen

FSM strikes again… and I have been touched by the noodly appendage.

Found my earring. (Happiness abounds.) No idea where the back to it is, but oh well. Need new ones anyway. (backs, that is.)

It’s ITLAPD… our holiest of days, and me without an eyepatch or a midget. Oh well.

Gah, I haven’t much to say, all things considered. I have a shoe to finish tonite and tomorrow, and some other random homework, and that’s about it. Did fairly well on my grammar test, figured out that one of the questions marked wrong on my geo test was actually correct according to the book (pointed out by the chick next to me, who is also a pastafariat and knows what a holy day today is)… so I’ll be mailing my teacher shortly to mention it. (wasn’t time in/after class)

So, I have shit to do…. like go find me some burried treasure or something.

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