Yesterday was hookey day. I skipped classes to get crap done. I got a lot done. But there were things I wanted to do that didn’t get there. Oh well.

Today I have a test in Lab, so I’m gonna go study in a minute. I also have a lot of sculpting to do. The rough-out is due tomorrow and I’m totally not there yet. I skipped a three hour class in which to work on it to do other stuff, and then didn’t get anything done on it at home. It is one of the main things I wanted to get in yesterday that I didn’t.

I’m totally suffering from lack of caffiene. So…. damn…. tired.

I did get in a bit of a workout yesterday. Not much, but some. Intervals on the treadmill.

Was at the store and noticed a funky not-quite-jebuz fish on a car… turns out it was a C’thulhu squid. heh. Found a new link this morning as well.

Off to study and make a shoe.

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