So… finished my lab test. I’m not super confident about it, since it really seemed like there were 3 samples of flourite, (one kinda maybe coulda been quartz, but it really didn’t look like it), I still have a hard time telling the difference between pyrite and chalopyrite, and half of the dark ones were difficult to descern in the time (90 seconds) allowed. On the bright side, I’m looking at being sure of about half of them at least, so I’m in pretty good shape. There were 20 minerals, and only about 6 had me fairly worried. Hell, I might even be right on them.

My shoe in its current state.

I’m about to start work on it again, it needs to be fairly shoe-ish looking by tomorrow, so I’m gonna be at it most of the night. I need laces roughed in too… I’m thinking I’m gonna relace it so that it’s the horizontal, ladder style, not the normal crisscross style. The crisscross seems like a royal pain in the ass to sculpt at the moment. I’m all about ease of making at this point.

At any rate, on with the work.

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