Thanks Otto

This was a good read. I’m mainly posting it here to have it handy.

I like the line “practice makes better.” I need to think that way more often. I’m so constantly worrying about perfection… or something akin to it…

Mousie is climbing all over me, chewing my hair, sticking her nose in my mouth…. I was just about to get up and start working on my homework, get a chore or two done, and take a few progress pics on the paintings I’m currently working on. Freekin brat. Cute tho.

I need to clean mousie’s ears. I’d put it on a list, but my list is not handy at the moment, thanks to the brat in question. I’ll notice it here and be able to do it in a bit. She could use a quick combing as well. Maybe a cleaning cloth as well, though she hates that. And nail trimming. definitely need to trim those claws.

Anxiety is rearing its ugly head again. Not about school, but about household stuff I have to get done. On the bright side, my loan approval notice came today (or maybe yesterday, since I don’t know since I didn’t check the mail yesterday), so at least I don’t need to stress about a new machine and tuition and junk.

Living room is a mess. Gonna see if I can get that done today… and dishes. Funny how something like dishes, that takes so damn little effort to actually do since there’s those handy dandy machines to do it for me, still takes me forever to actually get done. I guess that means I truly am a lazy shit at heart. At least about things that aren’t fun, like video games. Daaamn… Onimusha 3 is freekin hard to just put down and leave. There’s never a good place to stop. Like fucking crack, that game.

Congrats Matt! Otto says you’re off birthin babies and junk. YAY!

I really need to get this cat offa my lap and get crap done.

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