TAP Phase 3

So, today starts phase 3. 3 different workouts, which I’ll post here so that Otto won’t ask what I’m doing till next week.

Straight sets, 3-5 sets per, 4-6 reps. Doing as is unless noted. 4 weeks, but may do a 5th.

Workout A (today)
Deadlift (5 sets) (which will be figuring the weight today)
Bench (5 sets)
One arm row (4 sets)
Leg curl (3 sets)

Workout B
Lat pulldown (5 sets)
Dumbell stepup (5 sets)**
Overhead tricep extension (4 sets) (we’ll see if shoulder will allow this. may have to change)
1leg Calf raise (3 sets, 8reps)

** (not sure if I’ll be doing dumbells or barbell. db mean low weight, but increasing grip, bar means higher weight.)

Workout C
Squat (5 sets)
DB Shoulder press (5 sets) (in leiu of military press)
Concentration curl (4 sets)
Russian twist (3 sets) (rather than incline rev crunch)

I’ll be continuing pillar front and side bridges at the end of each workout day, and getting in cardio and shoulder rehab on off days (tues & thurs).

Hopefully school will allow for this schedule… I’ll be posting that soon, and we’ll see where I’ll be with all that. I think I’m out and home by 5 every day, which will give me time to work out without problems. I should be out earlier on days with no sculpture class. So, hopefully this’ll work out and in a month we’ll see where I am with 1RMs.

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