So… for today….

I am not lifting. Thought I’d be doing a deadlift max rep test. No way, no how, NUH UH!

I am seriously in DOMS territory. Not a horrible thing… I was expecting it, and it’s certainly better than I thought it was gonna be… but NO. I can’t. I can barely climb the stairs, let alone deadlift 50-100 pounds. (actually, I had no idea where I was gonna start with that anyway.)

So, when they come along for the workout next week, I’ll just have to figure out then where I’m at. I have a vague idea, I suppose, and undershooting it wouldn’t be a bad thing, I’d just up it the following week. So today and this weekend is rest. Maybe cardio, but otherwise, I’m waiting till monday to lift.

Speaking of which… hmm….
Next week is classes… I might end up having to lift monday and wednesdays in the evening.
:( I’ll have to look.

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