Princess Mononoke

Very nice. Not really what I was expecting, but I liked it very much. Rated it a 4. (very seldom do I give a 5… outta 5.) Good story, decent pacing (for an anime), very nicely animated…. Glad I rented it.

Annoyed that Space Ghost is taking so long to get to me… freekin stupid netflix. I don’t have huge troubles with them, but it’s seriously wrong of them to list something as available, then make you wait 2-4 days before they ship it, and they won’t go to the next on your queue. ugh!

I guess Otto was expecting something different, since he misremembered what we had and thought it was Metropolis… but he liked it too, so I’m happy that I waited so that he could watch with me. 2h15m, but definitely worth it.

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