Max rep tests

My plan was for squats, deads, bench, pulldowns, and shoulder press. Didn’t get to do the deads, squats killed my legs. Being not used to them was definitely part of it. On the bright side, I stopped just short of actually hurting myself, so at least by the end of the night I was better. Minor pull, at worst, and now I just have normal leg exhaustion from a normal leg day. I am not sure if I can do the deads tomorrow, but I’ll give it a try.

HIIT today, and man do my legs hate me. I was fine on the treadmill, I only did 6 intervals, and only at 8mph, because my legs weren’t 100%, but I seriously am tight, no matter which way I move, I feel it. Hammies and quads and butt…
ugh! :-D Lovin it!

So monday will start phase three of tap, tomorrow I’ll try to get in deads max test and maybe something else, as well as core work and some movement prep and rope/foam.

Results of last night’s test:
after warmups

Squat: 85×10
Bench: 75×5
Pulldown: 100×10
DB shoulder press: 20×6

Squats were nice, in that my failure point was my legs, not my core, like previously. I wasn’t expecting to do that well, since it has been nearly a year since my last recorded squat day. There may have been a few, but not many, and certainly not for the last 9 months. So I’m happy with where I am with that. I’ll be starting phase three (4-6 reps, 5 sets) at that 85, since it’s been so long, and I’ll bump it after the first workout, most likely. Better than doing too much too soon, and I may feel like holding phase three over for another week or 2 at the end, so it’ll all work out ok in the end.

After phase three I’ll go ahead and take a few 1RMs to see where I am… I should be back in shape enough (as far as my lifting ability is concerned, that is) to have it be a good measure of where I am. Then, I may do this again, or I may look at what Otto’s doing for a 4 week cycle. We’ll see. Really not sure yet, but those are the two options I’m looking at for the moment.

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