Fly away, little birdie

So, Otto comes home and says that there’s a humming bird in the garage. Since the garage has 12 or 15 (can’t remember which) foot ceilings, the bird was too high up to reach to help out of there. He seemed very agitated, can’t say I blame him, poor guy. :( I was definitely worried, with no way to reach him and nothing to really tempt him down. (we don’t have a feeder or anything.) So, apparently this is a common problem, Otto found… as a google search revealed a few solutions. We used the one that involved turning off the lights. The birds are diurnal, so with the lights off he floated down to rest (can’t see in dark, wants to be somewhere stable.)

Of course, the friggin lights were out, and that meant we didn’t see where the little bugger landed. And the garage is friggin hot in august. So, after a looooong time looking, he was where we first looked but couldn’t see the exact spot he was in. He then flew away before we could get him, and got stuck between the table and the wall. It took some time to finally get him in a position to be able to grab him. Had him perched on a bit of wood and covered with my hand while I took him outside. He flew away, which was nice, because I was worried his wings might have gotten banged up a bit (he’d been hanging by a wing when stuck between the table and wall). He was fine. Got pics, but not of me holding him, as we wanted to let him go quickly. It’d been a while, and I really didn’t want him to have to suffer the fright any longer than necessary.

Such a tiny little thing. He could fit in ONE of my hands… and I do not have big hands. So light… like toes smaller than itty-bitty pencil lead, a body barely bigger than the end of my finger. Soo very cute, I’m glad he’s safe now.

So, since this seems to be a common occurrance (the red safety pulls to disengage the door is what attracts them) I have vowed to actually close the door from now on. Since we are in a bad place w.r.t. the sunlight and alignment of the sensor the door won’t actually close from about 230pm till 8pm in the summer time. So it’s back to manual closing, to keep the froggies and bunnies and now birdies out. (Yes, we’ve had froggie and bunnie problems before now. I’m waiting for the day we find a freekin deer in there.)

I’m such a wreck when it comes to animals. I was actually really worried when we couldn’t find the bird, cuz not getting him out would have been horrible for me.

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