the widget is finally right

So, after nearly 2 weeks of the dashboard weather widget telling me it’ll storm (day after day after day) it is finally raining. I guess eventually it had to be right…

I’m pretty sure today is gonna be a lazy day inside. In addition to housecleaning that needs to be done, the background on the painting for Sandy is dry, so I’ll be working more on that likely. Got me some jewry to make, wish I could find the damn clasp I had gotten. No friggin clue where the hell it went.

Thunder, lightning, pouring rain… I may just turn off the lights and lay here in bed for a while… this is freekin awesome to meditate to. Wish Otto was here, cuz that would be ultra cozy.

So, when I feel less lazy, it’s totally domestic stuff for me. I’m ok with that. Classes start wednesday next and I might as well get the house in order, as I’ll have less time once that starts. Hopefully my lightened load this semester will mean better grades. I’m averaging a 3.2 average at the moment, I’d like to raise that a bunch.

I’m hoping to wash and start cutting fabric for my costume today. I have some, and need to decide on what I want the rest to look like. I need to remember when I get more fabric that there’s a Hancock Fabrics in town, so that I don’t just run off to JoAnns again. Hancock is supposed to be pretty damned cheap, and JoAnns tends to only be worth it when stuff is on sale. The things I’d really like are usually near/over $10/yd.

This rain is awesome. :-)

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