yesterday/last night

Was a bit of a cheat… but prolly not much. I’m guessing that the fries were the only unclean thing I ate, I estimate dinner at 900 calories (it’s prolly a goodly overestimate,) and I didn’t have much else in the day anyway. I’m thinking I was undermaintanence, no problem.

Yesterday was supposed to be leg day, but since I ended up shifting wed’s A workout to thursday, I’m not to worried about shifting yesterday’s to today. I’ll get it in, it’s the last one, then monday I’ll do the last A and then follow thru with my plan of a couple of max rep tests wed and/or friday and then starting phase 3 monday.

*sigh* still hovering in the realm of 138. I don’t know that I’m actually making any progress on the fat front what so ever. Caliper test today or tomorrow (prolly tomorrow) will give an idication… I should get more of those in in the future, instead of averaging one a month.

I’d add in a waist measurement, but I don’t think I care that much. I’m not so much worried about weight as about clothing fitting and looking good again. Weight is just the only regular number I have to go by, so that’s mainly why I want it to change. Donno that it will, tho.

On the bright side, I can lift more, sprint kinda fast, and my shoulders no longer hurt. So, I’m getting somewhere. But the road ahead is long and neverending, and altho I harbor no thoughts of giving up or of defeat, I am getting a little impatient to see some sort of measurable result.

oh well…

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