Tyler’s Tap Room

Not a bad place. Food ok. It’s a bit cold in there, considering it was very, very warm outside. I think they crank the AC up more than necessary. We happened to be under a vent while eating, and the food did not stay warm for too long. But, it was a fun night out, and the place is pretty good. Could use some more table-like surfaces in the speakeasy tho.

So, for a bit I had been thinking that part of what had made these people better to hang out with than, say… Stuart and company was age. But then it occurs to me that those people were our ages now, and they were still kinda annoying to hang with outside of a game. I thought it might have been the fact that they kinda all knew each other from before and we did not and so therefore it left us out of half of the conversations (all those unrelated to gaming.)

Such is not the case. It’s just, I guess that our old gaming buddies were relatively socially challenged. All their conversations (at least when we were around) were either reminicing about the past, about people that only they knew, or gaming. People we hang out with now are just able to talk about more things, are somewhat interested in what others are thinking/doing/etc, like to know some things about the people they hang with, and are far more “normal” in their socializations.

Hard to describe. But, rarely do I feel like I’m totally left out just because I don’t work with them. And it’s not that I’ve been hanging out with them for nearing a year now… It was like that from the beginning. Before, I guess I thought I was the awkward one… really it was just that we hung out with awkward people. Vince wasn’t that bad, but then Vince met them the same time we did, so…

I only really bring this up because it still amazes me that people are just generally nice and laid back, don’t get all bent out of shape if you end up not being able to show up somewhere, are willing to actually use cell phones to communicate, and are just much more relaxed.

And lately comment on my hair a lot.

It is a bit weird to me that people are more physical, but it’s not creepy. It’s the fact that it is simply the way they are, not that they’re trying to be that way. I just wish the handshakers would stop it. It seriously bugs me. I don’t need to shake your damn hand when we meet. It’s usually sweaty anyway. But that’s a different rant.

So anyway…
I was disappointed that Riley couldn’t manage to get Tik and Colin to go to the drag show… because even if we didn’t go, I figure that woulda been some friggin hillarious stories for later.
I’ll have to try whatever Riley was drinking. I didn’t bother when there, but it sounded rather interesting. She said it was a bit strong, which is why I didn’t bother, but maybe another time. Maybe we can find mini-bottles of orange vodka to give a try. I’ll try to remember to check while we’re out today.

You know… I was much more coherent in my thoughts about this earlier. I just have this habit of picking up in writing where I left off in thinking… which prolly makes half this blog incomprehensible to anyone but me. oh well… at least I fix my spelling errors.

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