bawk bawk bawk bawk

DAMMIT. Got that fucking Robot Chicken ’song’ stuck in my head again. DAMN YOU SETH GREEEEEEN!

GAH! Can’t wait till they have dvds out so I can get it on netflix. Spending the latter half of my day here adding a bunch of adult swim to my queue. ‘course, I still have to get around to Princess Mononoke… maybe we watch it this weekend.

I’ve tried listening to other stuff… but there’s nothing to listen to that goes well with Robot Chicken theme.

Insanity. This must be what it feels like. This is what it must be like to go insane.

ok, enough of that crap.

So, my friggin car player will no longer read any cds. So, no real music in the car. I leave the tuner on CPE because classical is the only thing that I can listen to without being like “this totally sucks” every other song, and there’s not 80 minutes of commercials to 5 minutes of song. When we had the new TL as a loaner, I noticed that xm wasn’t too much better when it came to selection, but at least there were no yappity mc yap yapps and such. I still tended to keep it on trance… but it was kinda dumb repetative crap most of the time. Good techno is sometimes very hard to come by.

Speaking of which… I’m gonna go find me some muzik to download.

ANYTHING to get that fucking bawking chicken out of my head!

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