Current projects

I’m finishing up the painting for gramma… I’ve gotten some ribbon to wrap the edges with, since I don’t want to pull it off its stretcher, and I don’t want to frame it. It should give it a kinda funky finished look, it’s green, so it’ll go with it. In all honesty, the painting has been done, but I’ve been slowly going over the white parts to make them whiter and brighter and generally stand out more and separate them from the grey and off-white parts. Hopefully I can get this finished in the next week or so, or at least before classes start.

So upon telling Sandy this, she wants something now. So, I have something in mind. I’ve got a quick sketch drawn up, and I’ve painted the background of the canvas board I’m using. I won’t say what it is since she might come stumbling across here one day before I finish it. I doubt it, I don’t think she even knows what a “Blog” is, but still.

I have decided to complete that which I was gonna send my mom as well, I’ve changed what I was originally thinking, so this should make it completable sooner. I’ll try to get it finished later today so that it has a weekish to dry. Then I can find a way to bundle it up and send it off.

I’m having a thought for a sculpture I’d like to do for my mom, but I’m not really sure how exactly I want to go about doing it. I think I may make a mold to cast what I want… but I’m not sure on what would be the best materials for that. I want it white, so plaster seems like a good idea… but then I’m also not sure how well that’d work, how long it would take to cure (hell, the plaster we have takes quite some time in the tiny rock molds we have now), or even what exactly to use to make the mold. This one will require more thought. I could always see about concrete or something along those lines. That might be kinda cool. ugh.

I got some hemitite beads yesterday while I was out. I’m deciding on an arrangement for a necklace. I’ve been kinda partial of late to the rather minimalist choker with a single dropped stone… but I’m not sure this will work here. I actually need to pull the beads out and see how small the holes are in them, as that will dictate how they get strung. I saw a couple other things I wanted, but I refrained from spending too much money. Only like $5 for the jewlery stuff and then the fabric for the leine and the ribbon.

I wanna get started making more molds and actually get a castle cutaway going… I wanna start getting some of those minis painted (or at least finishing the ones that are half done)…


There’s just a lot of junk floating around in my head and I can’t really do it all. Makes me jump around all over the place, and that’s how nothing ever gets finished… I wanna start the next thing. Part of the answer, I’m sure, is less sitting around playing stupid web rpgs and actually working on stuff.

Speaking of which… the paint is calling.

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