Core work

aka… Building up to Squats.

So… the last time I was doing squats regularly was in the gym, and our membership ran out in december. My problem before was my inability to get to 100, even tho I could squat 95 for reps. Now, this is mainly because I’d had core issues at the time. Since then I’ve done Core Performance to an extent, and it’d helped, tho I hadn’t done a 1RM test after that to see how much it helped. But it did help.

Thing is, I don’t really like CP. There are many reasons, but mainly the strength portion of the workout is frustrating because of it’s rep scheme, and I don’t like not feeling like I’m making progress.

What this is getting to:
In a couple weeks, I’ll be on phase 3 of TAP, and it is high weight, low rep… and has squats. Since I know my problem when squatting tends to be core, not legs (and what I was leg pressing at the time, over 200, proves it) I’ve been working on said core with various things I’ve pulled out of CP.

The Plan:
Starting with Phase 1 of TAP, I started again on the simple staples of core work… abs and back. The ball crunches and reverse hypers were the beginnings of this. Sad to say, those first few sets were a bit of a p.i.t.a., but once I got back into it, (and reinflated the fukkin ball) it’s been much smoother going.

Now I am onto phase 2. In addition to the reverse hypers and reverse crunches, I’ve subbed in jackknifes in instead of crunches. The normal crunches just are, at this point, a waste of my time. I’m also at the end of B day (and some A days when I can remember and don’t feel like crap) I’m getting in the Pillar bridges from CP. Started with 30 (front) and 15 (sides) seconds and have been increasing by 5 seconds each time. When they get to 60 seconds, a second set will be added in. When the 2 sets get up to 6o each, they will be increased by 5 seconds/session up to a max of 90 seconds per set before going to three sets and dropping back to 60 seconds. This will continue on into phase 3.

I shall also be starting to add in some russian twists for rotational work. I’ll try getting in some woodchoppers and suches on the lat tower/cable thingie, but I’m not sure how well that’ll work out, since the lat tower is kinda a p.o.s. The russian twists are getting added in on wednesday, my next A workout. I will superset them with the jackknifes, and I will move the band external rotations to be supersetted with internal rotations. I’ve been neglecting those, and I think it’s getting to the point where I can tell it’s an issue.

In fact, screw that. I’ll be taking the external rotations off the workout A days… I’ll simply do all my rehab work after the workouts on either B days, or on my cardio days. Then the workouts aren’t too long, which is always a bad thing for my poor little ADD self. (you know, ASS is the most likely typo for ADD.)

Yes, I think this will work out nicely. Here’s to squatting 100+!

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