On Girls

So, between the conversation going on today at ftbm and the few convos with Otto here and there… I’ve been thinking. Given the opportunity, who would I do?

In my personal life… like people I actually know… I’d have to say prolly noone. I mean, part of it is that I don’t really know any chicks that aren’t attached; and I highly doubt any that I know would actually be all that interested in something with another chick. (Excluding the lesbos, of course. But then, that presents it’s own issues.) Also, I don’t know that anyone I know would I actually be interested in. I just… either don’t know them very well or they’re not my type.

My big hangup… Me. The way I look. Barring the bit of gain I’ve had, even last year at this time when I was still fairly cut… I was uncomfortable enough with myself to not want to show that off to some other chick… especially one I was hoping to get jiggy with.

I’m forced to ask myself if it would bother me if I had a perfect body (or a reasonable facsimile thereof), would it bother me if my girly friend I was gettin it on with had my imperfections? My answer is no, but I do not assume that others are as forgiving as I am. And… quite honestly, I really do actually have a perfection complex. I try very hard to not look flawed. I’m ok with certain “flaws,” but that’s more because I don’t really see belching or swearing as being a real “bad” thing.

There are chicks I psudeo know that I’d prolly get with, if I were actually comfortable enough with my body to show off. (It’d be the same for other men, I suppose, except I’ve never really much had any ideas about other guys. Must be the perfectness of the one I currently have. And, at the end of the day… a cock is a cock.)

It just sort of makes me wonder. I mean, I’m shy, because I wouldn’t want to make another girl uncomfortable by suggesting something she would not be up for. I’m worried about being found out as being imperfect, which is prolly not so horrible as it sounds. And other than that…

Well… I just think most people think I’m either joking about this sort of thing, or that I do it simply for shock value or to get a rise out of people.

And… not that it’s really anyone’s business… but yeah. Given the opportunity, I would. I just don’t think it could be a random thing. I think it’d be a FWB sort of situation, with no strings attached, but plenty of fun and affection.

Which prolly means it’ll never happen. Because I’m not really ever in a position to meet a chick that would be a good candidate, since unfortunately, the redhead on Mythbusters isn’t someone I’ll meet any time soon. Nor will I find myself in Toronto any time soon to see if a certain someone is as fun in person as she seems to be.

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