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ugh. So, I’m not thrilled about cardio, and I despise rehab, and every time I grab the rope I’m reminded of how inflexible I’ve let myself become.

I’m trying to get in some rope or yoga in daily, and I’m succeeding about 1/2 the time, maybe a bit less.

Rehab… uh… I’m shutting up and pleading the 5th to keep my ass from getting paddled. I’ve been a baaaaad girl.

Cardio is usually at least once a week. I’m gonna try to get in more, even if it’s shorter stints, since we’re not playing tennis much anymore. (geeze, it’s July in NC… wtf do you expect?!?) Besides the retarded idea I had of ensuring that the treadmill is always set to “San Francisco” when I hop on, I’m also getting in some dance, which counts, if you’ve ever seen me dance. At least when I’m white, I’m TechnoWhite. (Which is very different from PogoWhite, (for those who are really 2LeftFeetWhite), which is about as close as Otto will ever be allowed to get to AnyKindOfDanceWhite. EVER.)

Actually I lie about how bad I’ve been about rehab. Since I’ve been incorporating it into my lift days, it hasn’t been that bad. But I’ve still not been doing as well as I should’ve and it’s showing in my piss poor performance and the obnoxiously easy shoulder ouchies. But, it’s much better than it was when I was given the band, so that’s saying something (small), I guess.

I’m done picking on Otto’s “dancing” now.

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