TAP Phase 2

As written, for the most part… and starting today. (supersets, 8-12 reps, 2 or 3 sets depending on ex)

Bench Press
One Arm Row (can’t do cable row without attachment, and I think I may change it to 1arm 1 leg row in future)

Lat Pulldown
DB Shoulder Press (cannot handle bar with shoulders, doing very low weight)

Preacher Curl (will change to concentration curl, cuz our preacher attachment sucks ass)

External Rotation (doing with the blue theraband, not dumbell)
Swissball Crunch (will change this, I think. I really don’t need unweighted crunches. Maybe pillar bridges)

Barbell Stepup (because I don’t think I can handle anymore splitsquats, they’ve been bothering my knees)
Leg Curl

Leg Extension
Reverse hyper (thinking maybe jack-knifes instead)

One leg Calf raise
Reverse crunch (again, maybe sub bridges)

I think crunches are a crock. I only do them when I feel like being lazy, they are the worst core workout ever. And, I don’t need “ab work”, I need core work. I think they’re just put into workouts because if they weren’t, people would just do 500 a day to git ript 4 da honezz.

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