Mail Order Bitch

ok. I am very happy at the moment. I finally got my hands on the MailOrder Bitch songs we’d lost a yearish ago because the rio crashed. I happen to really like those songs, and was plenty bummed that everything that was lost I’d been able to find except that. I don’t have the Shame remix, but that’s ok, it wasn’t all that great anyway.

Now then, it’s just too bad that they only had a coupla songs, and they never got signed. But, at least I can be happy for now.

I’ve also found that Boy Hits Car and Dust for Life both have new(er than I have) albums out. Boy’s seems a bit not as good as their first that we have, but that might just be the crappy samples they have up on their site. Dust for Life generally kicks major ass, so I’ll have to have a looksee if it’s worth getting.

I’d go on a rant about the crappiness of bands’ crappy flash websites, but it’s not really all that important; and amazingly, Aoife is not in a ranty mood at the moment. Hmm… must be something wrong.
… that, or I’ve gotten enough ….. ahem ….. physical interraction this weekend that I’m just unable to be in a bad mood.

Well, it is late and I really should drag myself up to bed.

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