Fall classes

So, the way I have it I only have 3 classes this coming semester for 10 credit hours. All on campus, and all requiring a fair amount of class time. To fill a natural science req I’m taking Geology. I’d like to take Astronomy, but the only one offered is not a req, and I need to get more reqs out of the way. Retaking Engrish, but in a classroom this time. I’d like to take it online, but I’m just not sure if my problem was a retarded instructor or something more. There’s more than just her teaching online this semester, but I’m just thinking that going in would be better. Sculpture. Because it’s finally being offered.

I still have 2 more engrishes to take, so I’m not finishing in May. Hopefully the lit class is offered in the summer. Hopefully it’s offered online, by a non-asshole instructor. I still have a math (statistics), a natural science (hopefully astronomy), and a few other things I can’t remember offa the top of my head. Like another something in humanities and more electives and such.

Ideally I want the Design I&II classes, I want Drawing I but if it’s only offered this semester then I prolly won’t get it. (I’m not too keen on an 8-10 studio class.) I’d like the graphics class (photochop) but at least this semester it wasn’t offered. I think I’ll prolly go with a drama or film class to try to eke out another subject in the LA reqs. Problem is that it’s all the crappy, shallow, introductory crap that’ll make a requirement. All the interesting stuff is electives, and that just sucks.

So, if the crappy Financial Aid ofice doesn’t get my crap done in time, I can still drop a class and make the 6 hours needed to still get loan, and then potentially add what I drop again once I have the cash. I just don’t have a lot of faith in the FA office. It’s where the reject secretaries of the world work. I would likely drop Geo if need be, because I refuse to drop sculpture, and I can’t really drop english.

I’m booked for most of the day Mondays and Wednesdays, and I don’t have to be there Thursdays (Tuesday has lab, I believe). So, if I dropped Geo I’d also only have to be there MWF, and very short time (relatively) on friday.


I’m not feeling too good. Way too much is coming up at the end of the month. I’m getting a bit worried.
Time to go and not think about it anymore.

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