Pubic restrooms


I’ve decided on what tends to creep me out most about public restrooms. I mean… lots of things are nasty and all…

Flickering light:
Annoying as hell, looking to cause seizures, but if this is all one has to worry about, one should be greatful to Murphy.

Stall door won’t close:
There are ways to deal with this, assuming one has to use the stall in question. Since they open in and all, holding it closed is not too tough a feat.

No drying device:
That’s what the ass of your jeans is for, baby. BFD.

Wet seat:
This, while annoying (I mean, how hard is it to wipe down the seat after you piss on it?) is cleaup-able, I know how it gets this way. It makes sense, I suppose… gross, sure, but not the worst. Tragicly gross if one happens to be a doofus and takes a flying butt-leap without actually taking a look-see first, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to only ever make that mistake once. (and if not, then step in line for your pretty, new helmet.)

Wet floor:
Annoying and gross, but avoidable and easy to deal with. (tho harder to do so with some clothes than others.)

Stuff in the toilet:
Not a problem. It’s a case of move along to the next stall.

No… the worst is the short and curlies you notice on the bowl edge, where there’s that gap the commercial seats have. Not normally noticable till sitting and dealing with nature’s business. You don’t want to think about it, you don’t want to see it… but there it is. naaaaasty.


That’s it. This is too gross to continue to dwell on.

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