I’ve been thinking I should start a new catagory. Called, piitb. Why?

ok… the train….

For some reason something came along to remind me about an amusing somewhat embarrassing situation a few years ago. Maybe it was when I was cleaning the bathroom. I donno. not important really.
(and otto’s quote below reminded me I wanted to post about it. thanks love.) ;-)

So, when we were living in the apartment (before the house) we had the tv in the bedroom for a time. Had a friendish over. Decided to watch something on tv, or play game, or somesuch. Head into bedroom. Sittin on bed watching/playing/whatever…
(believe me when I say right here, that all was totally innocent, the thought of it being otherwise makes me want to hurl… he was not ugh… *shudder*)

anyway… so we were sitting there, and he looks over and spots a bottle of lube on the nightstand. AND COMMENTS ON IT. Now, were I at someone’s place and spotted such a thing, I’d keep my fucking mouth shut and keep my comments to myself (yes, I actually would… unless I knew the people *very* well and was a *really* good friend, which we were not.)

But the idoit says something, I don’t remember what exactly, and it was a bit embarrassing all things considered.

Now, admittedly, it was likely not as embarrassing at it seemed at the time. Since I’m fairly certain that the various things that pop into my sick little head when things like that are the subject matter is not the same kinds of thing that pop into most people’s heads, and certainly not his. But still.

So, thinking of that, I thought of a piitb catagory. However, what I had originally intended to put in there…. well I don’t remember that part. No, it wasn’t gonna be a festival of odd things that have been shoved into my fudge factory over the years… I’ll leave that to the pros at SNL. But, it was gonna be amusing (to me)… and now I just have to remember what it was.

oh well…. At this rate it’ll prolly just be an assortment of stupid shenanigans or something.
Still tho… I got to tell a funny story.

oh, and if you’re wondering how lube and piitb could possibly be related…. you are probably too pure of thought. Your life must be boring and uninteresting.

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