Sometimes, it’s the odd little decisions we make here and there that wind up ruining a day. So I decide to take Otto to work to get that inspection done, and I decide to be a good mommy and take mousie in for her boosters. I decide to take the (arguably) ’short’ way home, and shortly thereafter, I saw a squirrel cross my path and braked. The guy behind me, however, did not decide to follow my lead as quickly as I may have liked.

So, hopefully that dent in the car will not affect the results of the inspection that I’ll have to reget because the tires are bad (which is a whole other rant.)


The 2 HOURS spent waiting for the cop was fun.
(Another rant here. I’m too tired to bother.)


You know, sometimes, life sucks ass.

Mousie is ok. She didn’t get toussled much, I kept her on the seat, reflex and all that. I’ll keep an eye on her, just in case.

At any rate, even though Otto doesn’t seem to want to believe me, I’m ok. Annoyed, a smidge worried, and terribly disappointed in the amount of time it took the police to show up… More for Otto’s sake than my own… but ok.

Hopefully nothing else is gonna go wrong this week, and hopefully nothing else will go wrong that will actually prove more aggravating than today was.

I’m done talking about it tho. It’s just not worth getting any more annoyed over. And I’m tired and have a headache. So… nite.

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