Disappointed in Mail

Not all that great… at least for my purposes. Supposedly it’s supposed to have a junk mail feature… but either I don’t have the settings correct (and I’ve looked and looked), or it doesn’t actually filter my friggin junk mail. So I get all this crap in my inbox, things from *the exact same sender* that I keep tagging as junk, sitting in my inbox, never getting moved to junk without manually tagging to make it do so.

And, one has to actually select (and therefore read, if it’s only one message) a message in order to actually tag it as junk, instead of Thunderbird’s nice little column for it.

Spotlight searchable… only if I want to take up GOBS of machine space to keep my mail on my machine.

Have to hit the decrypt button on *every* *single* enctypted message to read it. Annoying as fuck. Don’t need to type in the password every time (setting), but do need to hit the damn button. No quick keyboard looking thru.

No multiple identity support. And since I use multiple identities, I need to switch to Thunderbird in order to send messages to most other things/people other than Otto.

So, why am I still using it? Becuase among it’s other faults, it doesn’t seem to allow for playing the encryption game nicely with Thunderbird, so Otto has issues reading my mail.


I like my mac… but Mail sucks ass. I find nothing useful about it, all in all. Not to say that Thunderbird doesn’t have it’s issues, but I rarely run into problems, the issues it has are not really a problem for me most of the time. But this junk mail thing with Mail is really starting to piss me right the fuck off.

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