8 June workout notes

Yesterday was rest. Because I just really didn’t feel up to a workout.

So, today was TAP… and I kicked my ass. I wound up doing 2 circuits, for the most part, but no cardio. And, I am exhausted.

Shoulder had issues with 60 on the pulldowns, even tho I can do it, muscle-wise… but it makes my shoulder hurt, so I dropped it to 50 for the second set. I guess it’s more shoulder rehab for me.

I’m gonna also start getting in the shoulder prehab, but I’ll see what’s in CP tennis first, but I think once a week prehab is a good thing, just in general.

I have lost so much flexibility it’s really depressing. Like, I can barely get to 90 degree legs, downward dog hurts like hell, and it’s very easy for me to overstretch. Tomorrow I’ll do foam and rope, hopefully that’ll help. Donno about cardio yet, tho.


So… That’s it.

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