On soreness….

…Or lack thereof.

Friday was a lightish workout that killed me saturday and sunday, even with foam and rope saturday. However, I am feeling relatively fine after yesterday’s workout, tho my ass and abs are still not liking being used…. it’s considerably better. Slacking off sucks when you get back into it.

I’m having issues with maintaining any real routine… I guess it’s just that mental thing. I *like* working out… I just never want to. I *like* feeling a bit sore, even tho it sucks ass.

I think I simply really want to be done. Because I am worried I never will be. It’s hard to really keep at it when I’m not entirely sure that I’ll get the body I want. I’ll come close… I know, because I’ve already done that. But that last bit that I’m just not sure I can fix… And I have an aversion to banging my head against a brick wall. If it literally cannot be done, I’d rather be doing something else.

Now… that still doesn’t explain my behavior of letting myself slack and not maintaining that which I had accomplished… but… I think it’s where the apathy is coming from. In reality I’m not super bad off. I’ve only gained about 10 pounds, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t much and should be relatively easy to peel off. I actually had no difficulty peeling down to 125ish before… I ate plenty and didn’t have to do assloads of cardio. So…

I just need to stop caring about where I get to and simply *do* for the sake of doing.

There is much I want to do, and I just need to be sure one of the things I get done in a day is some form of workout.

I’ve learned from past mistakes. No more diving head first into the shallow end after extended hiatus… that just puts me out of commission for a week. No more neglecting flexibility and regen, they help a lot. No more skipping rehab… it’s necessary… especially since I’m playing tennis now… the shoulder will kill me if I don’t.
And no more pushing myself too far. Happily’s stupid challenge got me in a bad place, I was unable to use my shoulders for weeks… but it was my fault for not being moderate. Letting my competitive streak get the better of me. Sometimes, I am an asshat.

So, today I plan on more regen, to get that last bit of soreness out. And I plan on some cardio, since I lifted yesterday, but, quite honestly I’m not sure what. I’m thinking a bit on the bike and then a bit on the treadmill. That should be enough to keep the legs from cramping after bike usage, and give me a bit of variety.

I have other things I want to do now, and nothing more to say at the moment.

Otto… thanks for pushing me a bit yesterday. I will return the favour. Remember:

Do, or do not. But whatever you do, NO CAPES!

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