If I may ramble a moment…

I like the diy kiosk at the post office… so much faster than waiting in line… especially since they added the ability to do more mail services, like certified and junk.

I need to get a workout of some kind in. I’m not sure what I want to do. Maybe a but of time on the bike… or maybe just a bit of a physioball routine. hmmm… that sounds good. I’ll go do that in a bit. I could use some core work from slacking off so much.

I am going to get together a plan for next week, and then go from there. I think it’ll work out relatively well… part of my problem of late has been my lack of things planned out. I need to change that. So that I will do this weekend, and get my ass in gear monday.

I hope to finish the girth icon this weekend. I think I’ve come up with a good way to finish it… so that’s a big step of the way there.

I would like to finish the flower painting as well, which only needs me to go over all the white (a lot) and fill in the very center (small part).

Other than that and a few household chores, there’s nothing else on my list for this weekend. I’vve gotten my fafsa crap dealt with and registration isn’t for another good while still… so school is officially off my mind.

I suppose I’d like to (also) get some crap off to Goodwill this weekend, some crap is taking up room in my closet and should be gotten rid of.


I am oddly feeling much better now. I have managed to get a goodly number of things out of my head and dealt with. Not that there aren’t things to do still, or that i have no worries… but I’ve just been relatively content and happy lately. Altho… DAMMIT… I forgot to call the town about a new recycle bin again… But that is going on my list RIGHT NOW
There done. It’ll get done monday. I had it on an old list, and it didn’t get transferred, or something. ugh.

A bit of Lego Star Wars (awesome game) and a quick mail check, then I shall head up and workout some.

I have no real idea as to what I was gonna post other than a few things to just get out of my head. So… I might as well just close and get to playing.

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