And another installment of the Giant Douche Awards

Today, the award goes to the red Porsche Carrera with the dented in back side. Wish I had gotten her plate.

Now today was an interesting delema. There were acutally 2 douches up for the award, the blue Toyota Matrix that cut me off when there was only about 5 feet between me and the car in front of me, and the above bitch. However, much as the Matrix may have tried, the Carrera won out.

It was not so much the keeping of me in her blind spot the entire way down Cary Parkway, regardless of my speed… nor was it the cigarette flicked out the window to bounce off my car’s window. No, what truly elevated her above your average douch to the douche of giant proportions was the way she ran the light at Old Apex. We were about 300ish feet from the intersection when the light turned RED, and she proceeded to actually increase her speed, running right through it, cutting off the cars about to go who actually had a green light.

That, my dear, is a Giant Douche. We salute you, and hope that when you go careening into that brick wall located somewhere in your future, you take noone else with you.

Fucking Bitch.

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