It’s been a very long time…

Since I’ve listened to U2. Happens to be playing at the moment on my iTunes, I have it on a smartlist that picks the stuff with a zero playcount. It’s kinda odd. I like U2, at least the days of Actung Baby and Zooropa (i likey lemons), but I never listen to it because …… I guess it’s a bit tame. Lately I’ve been listening to hard, driving stuff… heavy bass and drums… or stuff that’s very spiritual. (as I define the word for myself, which is likely not like anyone else’s definition of the word… I mean, I consider InkubusSukkubus to be in that realm.)

Now we are back to a usual Aoife quandry. The above was not what I logged in about. But ‘One’ started playing, so it occupied my attention. And now I have no earthly idea what I was planning on writing. I think about my life of late… and there are 2 things I ….

How the hell do I have any Tool that can be in a ‘0 playcount’ list on my machine? I mean Tool that is actually a song. Now THAT is odd….

What was I saying? Crap… I forgot.

You know, it’s a good thing this is not representative of my usual stream of consciousness… It’d be one long entry of forgetting what I was doing and odd ideas for animated shorts, occationally punctuated by a bit of swearing and the random dirty thought. I always start with the idea of something profound, and I am always reduced to this.

I got a C in history.

I need to call my gramma tomorrow. And my mom too.

I need to get back to cooking.

Crap. I forgot I was going to go to the store on my way home so that I could grab stuff (that I need for cooking) without having to go back out during traffic (like now). Crap on a friggin stick.

Tiger is causing me grief to an extent. Scanner issues. I’m hoping to fix them, but… well any troubleshooting or FAQ questions on Cannon’s website are for winblows. I’ll fix it when I have more patience than right now.

I’m outta caffeine.

Remember when there was a delete key and a backspace key, and they used to do different things?
Now I have a return and an enter key, and for the most part, they do the same thing.

My car cdplayer is back to working. For how long, I don’t know.

I could swear I’ve listened to Bush on this machine.

I need to drink more water anyway. I haven’t been drinking enough water.

I think this is a sign of me starting to……

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