School is done. And now comes the part of lamenting the nearly a grade highers, and otherwise not giving a shit, because I am done.
….. until next year.

I’ve been thinking about it a bit, and I think when I am finally done with postgrad, I think I’ll just teach. I mean, not only teach, but it wouldn’t be so bad to. It’d be something to do to actually make money. Because, frankly, I’m kinda assuming I’m not really gonna make money any other way for the most part. Not that this is something that’ll be coming up soon, but at least I have a few ideas.

So long as I didn’t horrobly screw up in history I think I’m good this semester. So far A,B,B. Painting will be an A or B, and history should be a B or C. Psych was a nice middle of the road B. So I don’t feel annoyed at being ever so close to a different grade. Hell, I’m impressed considering I didn’t finish my big paper.

Graphics, however, was an 89. And that is a tad annoying. Had I done a little better on a quiz or 2, I woulda gotten an A instead of a B. ugh. Perfectionism sucks. :-(

Math was a no brainer. Considering I was originally (long ago and far away) planning on a math degree, a simple non-major “math in the real world” course is not gonna be something that requires much effort.

So, hopefully I can get a B in history, (tho I’m guessing a C) and then all will be pretty decent.

In the interestes of getting back to working out, we will hopefully be playing a bit of tennis tonite. That would be swell. :-) And I plan on getting in somthing nice tomorrow. Prolly a light go at TAP phase one again. Since I need to mow too, I’ll be getting that in early…. It’s suppotta rain.

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