It’s the 29th…

… and Otto beat me this month. I’ll get him next month. I think I actually won last month, but it mighta been the month before. This being april, it’s not until may that we can say that we’ve been together for 12 years…. but it’s pretty darned close. It’s also why next month is so important to win. I’ll have to do something to remind myself.

Speaking of which… I’m tickling the tickler before I forget.

Nothing to do, actually, but I did have to haul my ass all the way over to the kitchen desk from the kitchen table, about 4 whole feet as the steps go…. It was arduous, but I managed. ;-)

Getting a few things crossed off the todo list, so that I can rest easy this evening. We’re gonna see Hitchhiker’s I guess, and something about City Beverage. This weekend is my history test, and that’s about it. Math final monday, and a painting quiz (oh no, whatever will I do about that one) as well. So after my math final, I essentially have nothing to do but paint. So I’ll study for the history test, and that’s about it this weekend. Besides being sure I can do regression on my calculator, that is. I’m impatient for crap to be over so I don’t have classes breaking up my day or dictating importance of my tasks.

Speaking of important tasks, I had better go do one of those now.

….. hmmmm……
Wish I could remember what I was gonna say in the first place.

Altho… now I’m listening to Mousie pee. That’s just wrong.


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