A day of rest


I have only painting today, and to work on my project, and begin study for history test. Test doesn’t start till tomorrow, project due tomorrow, and painting is fun. Project I’m looking forward to. Psych test over, got a 93, and there is nothing left in that class. My instructor accepted my half-assed, half done paper, so that’s no longer a zero. Doubt it’ll be higher than a 50, but it’s not a zero. Plus, everything for that class is over… so that’s a relief. Once I finish my project tomorrow, I will be finished with graphics. Math is hardly a consideration, but I do have test tomorrow and final monday. I need to figure out how to do regression and suches on the old-assed calc I have, then I’ll be good. And Painting is just fun.

So today I’m gonna chill, work on my project and go to class. I’ll cook some, and otherwise take the day to relax. I’m hoping to get a dancing robot out of my project, but we’ll see. Maybe I can pull off something better. I’m pretty partial to the ‘dancing’ part of my idea, because that sounds funny.

My mood has improved dramatically as things are beginning to end and I no longer have much to worry about. I’m enjoying this. I’m actually gonna have a lot of shit to do once classes are over, but that’s a good thing. Clean, work out, get things taken care of that have been sitting waiting for me.

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