I’m nearly finished with my ring, I think. I’m gonna finalize it, and leave it be. Move onto something else. I’m getting better ideas for some others. I’m thinking I’ve nailed the knotwork, and hopefully can get the hanging ivy to look right. I think it’s a design that’ll need to be done in 2 steps anyway, tho I’d have to talk to an artist to be sure on that. I suppose it could be done in one go, but…. eh… we’ll see.

I found some decent runes, altho I don’t know if Otto will want to use them or not. I don’t mind if he does.

It’s all taking time, but in reality, it’s not like I have oddles of cash such that I’m being held up by slowness in design. heh

I’ll prolly scan in a couple drawings after classes are all done… so next week. That should give me time to get stuff together. I’ve managed to assemble a small pile of flash in all this work here, so it’d be interesting to see if it scans well.

I’m really thinking about a rune on the chest, but I’m not sure how Otto feels about that. (the chest part, I know he don’t care about what I get, but he does have a bit of a say in the where of the whole thing.

I’m also working on a few drawings for the surreal forest, for the manimals…

But for now I prolly should get off my ass and get some things done. There are calls to make, studying to do, projects to start, lawn to mow…. you know… normal shit that intrudes on my sittin around time….

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