Giant Douche Awards

It’s time for a new feature here, and likely a long continuing one as well. A wonderful place to highlight the truly colassal dicks out there. The major assholes, giant pricks, and those likely to be nominated for a Darwin Award sometime in their futures. Blame it on South Park… it’s what I do… ;-)

Today the award goes to RXJ-6538. A navy Dodge Durango 4×4 who was tailgating the guy in front of him halfway down Cary Parkway. So bad was he, that when the light at Old Apex turned red and the car in front of him stopped, he nearly hit the guy. And… (this is the part that gets him the award, and perhaps a Darwin in his future…) He was left stopped right on the RR tracks.

Now, some people may not quite understand why this annoys me. I mean… if a train did in fact, come along, it would be his car turned into an accordian and him ground to a pulp. “There were no kids in the suv, so it’s not like he was endangering anyone else,” you might say. However, you would be wrong. My car would be hit by any shrapnel. That, my friend, would have truly pissed me off. I may not have the greatest vehicle in the world, but it is mine, it does run, and I do need it.

Fucking douche.

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