Lovely day

It is positively beautiful out (in the shade). Lovely. Simply lovely.

So I am sitting on the deck, in the shade, slacking off instead of doing crap in the house that needs doing. :)
Mousie wants to be in the grass again, but that would mean I have to move, so she is contenting herself with switching positions on the deck.

I mowed, mostly. And I watered the back some. We still have patches of no grass, but it’s working on it. I plan to toss down some more seed before leaving for class, hope I remember. I don’t have my list with me, it’s inside.

I wish there was a way to leave mousie out here for a few minutes while I went in… like a cage to drop on her or something… so I could get a drink and a notebook and my list…

There are birds flying about in the backyard… mousie is enjoying the show. :) She’s so cute.

I have a psych paper due tomorrow, I’ll work on that shortly. And I need to get money in order. It’s just sooooo lovely.

I would have more to say, but I don’t really.

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