Back at it

Got back to it. Yesterday was TAP phase one, one circuit. I’ll be going again friday. Sore today. Could only eek out 5 minutes on the bike, but that’s understandable considering my knee is still weak. But I will say that yesterday helped enormously. It’s just weak now, not really injured… just tender and not totally with it.

Today hopefully I shall be hopping on the bike for at least a little bit. I won’t do less than 15 minutes. I also have some yoga planned.

I’m getting back into it. Like for real. It’s been hard… but I think I’m there again. Maybe not 100%, but above 75, which is good for now. Easing back in since every other time I’ve gone dashing in and hittin it hard I’ve just crashed and burned.

I can do this. Too bad I’m over 135 tho… :-(

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