I’ma gonna be a better girl

I am getting my shit together. I am making up a new spreadsheet for my food. I am adding a catagory here for my workouts. And I am not gonna let shit get in my way.

Yes, I have many things to do. Homework, school, housework, errands, painting, bills… they all vie for my attention. But I’m gonna stop this shit about not working out because other things need my time.

I have until the end of the year. I need to do this. And I will. I’ll wind up happier and healthier and more productive all across the board if I just get off my ass and DO.

I’m tired of holding myself back. I thought I had pushed through this. And I did once. But staying still too long lets one become entangled in new crap to hold her down. That’s it. No more.

I feel pretty good now. :-D

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