Holy Shit!

So we finally got the trainer and we finally go it set up. My bike fits fine… Otto’s we may have to come up with something. The back wheel wobbles and doesn’t stay neatly on the roller. We got a fluid one… it was not cheap. Pretty good tho.

So it kicked my ass.

We hadn’t really gone riding since we lost weight… a couple times here and there… I went out once or twice with Sandy… nothing terribly intense or any time recently. Man… it being 10 years since riding regularly… it was hard on the legs. I did have to stop plenty of times, but for very short times and mainly to blow my nose since I’m still kinda sick. At least now I have a cardio I can do while sickish.

I’ve been sick since sometime wednesday… it getting worse on thursday, and friday was just bleah. Today I am feeling better, but it’s the sudafed and advil keeping me feeling ok, so I’m still not in a good place. Hope I’ll be ok tomorrow… I don’t really want to miss classes…

Altho painting wouldn’t be so bad since we are painting from a picture, and I have all that at home. I think I need to be in math Tuesday so that we can present our silly report.

I’m low on battery… better post this for now.

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