Ah, a day to catch up… and get ahead.

Well, I didn’t get my last paper done for history. That’ll be a big fat ZERO. My Psycology test…. a 70. However, today I have nothing due, and my only class is painting… which as of yet requires no out-of-class work. So, I can get caught up on housework, homework, and get my future stuff better planned out (which should help all upcoming papers/tests.) Hell… I might even be able to work out! :D

My plan of attack? Get laundry going… pick up here and there… read a bit… work on my graphics project… Hell… I’m just glad to be functional.

You know… dropping these pills helps a lot. Barely got any sleep last night and I was still awake and with it at 730/800 this morning. I just can’t deal with them. I have a doc appointment friday… we’ll have to come up with another treatment option. This one did nothing to alleviate symptoms, and I still got killed by the side-effects. Oh well.

I need more tea. :)

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