I have a serious headache. I did a bad job eating today, didn’t eat much… didn’t eat before workout… barely ate afterward… And unable to sleep since I’m afraid to. Might go grab food in a bit. Not taking my meds tonite.. it hasn’t really been helping anyway… and I don’t want to be unwakable if Otto needs me. :( This is not going to be a good night for me, and cleaning the car and Otto’s shoes tomorrow ain’t gonna be a joyride either.

Party was fine… fun and amusing… I donno what the hell is wrong with these people, but it seems that every party ends up being by the end of the night a couple drunk people singing bad kareoke till it’s time to go home. Props to Carl for a fun night tho. Too bad I forgot the camera, even tho I had plugged it in and everything… and too bad Rob’s memory chip got messed up, hope it can be fixex and he can pull pics off… that was some funny shit.

I’m prolly gonna go play a game now to keep me awake. Head killing me, but it’s not like excedrin would really help. Maybe I’ll get dressed and go get some food. There’s nothing I really want to eat.. been a fairly carby day… I don’t think I even had 1000 calories. :(

I did do strength B and movement prep B… sucked ass… added in some external rotations and lat raises… my shoulders need a lot of work… gonna have to check with the doc on that… prolly when I go back to change my treatment, since these meds don’t seem to do anything but make me incredibly sleepy.

The comment spam is annoying, gonna have to make Otto fix that for me.

Well, that’s it for now.

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