How the hell do I always end up doing this to myself?

I have a paper due tonite for history. I had one due last week too. Last monday, as I was scrambling to research, write, document and cite a 3 page paper due at midnight, I said I wouldn’t do it next time. So here I am, with a 3 page paper to research, write, document, and cite due at midnight.

At least I’ve already done the reading. But I still have to find a few websites dealing with ancient Greek sexuality and such, and write the damn thing. :(

I am even sitting here, writing this… instead of doing my paper. I just need a few minutes to collect my thoughts. yeah… that’s it.

This sucks. I have nearly 3 hours this evening gone to painting class… so I have 5 hours to write this paper. I know, it’s not much…. double spaced and only 3 pages, but still. UGH!

Oh well, back to work.

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