On my own terms

I get into math today, and my instructor says last class had snacks, and we should help ourselves. I look and there I see some minicupcakes, chips, and generic, store brand pop.
And, I didn’t want any. And it had nothing to do with cutting or the challenge (and my 104 clean eats I’m shooting for). It was simply that I didn’t want it.

Basically, I’m a girl that would prefer to choose her indescretions. And, honestly, I’ve always been that way, it’s just that it wasn’t till now that I really noticed. Especially when I’m being strict, I figure if I’m gonna cheat, I might as well do it right. I suppose there are people that say that to mean “shovel as much shit into your piehole as you can and still call it a single cheat.” I mean I choose Godiva over Hershey. Crap-assed store brand mini-cupcakes are not even Hershey… and, so, I am not interested.

Of course, I also did the one thing that I never do, I mentioned how many calories were in the 16oz cup of orange pop the chick next to me had poured herself… Which promted a “what do you care, you’re skin and bones”….

—which, by the way, I have never been called before… that was odd—

so I said I was fat, and I wouldn’t do that to myself again, especially with that crap… and got “what, 150? oh noooo…”

So since I had network in the math room (thank Murphy) I went ahead and showed her.
All in all, it was odd. My instructor wouldn’t touch the stuff either, so…. I’m not the only one.


OOO… new Dexter. :D PowerPuffs are all reruns, but there were a couple Dexters on the DVR that I hadn’t seen yet. However, since it only holds onto 2 episodes of each, I think I might need to up it. Too bad Samuri Jack doesn’t seem to be on. :(


So, the car is needing a new transmission. Fortunately (again, thanks to Murphy) it’s covered under the warranty recall. YAY! And I’m still able to drive the supersweet 05TL.
funfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfun! :D

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