after a week….

Well, 1 week on drugs… damn, not sure I can keep this up. The first few nights, I was out like a light very soon after taking. Now… not so much so. I’m back to having to meditate or listen to music, and music isn’t guaranteed to get me to sleep. Meditating is, and the drugs make it eaier to hit theta… which is cool… and then I fall asleep… but I think I’d take sleeping over cosmic bliss at the moment.

Waking is hard as hell. Moving upon waking is nearly impossible. I’m glad I have no morning classes, there is no way I can drive most mornings… I’m so out of it. Usually, I fall back asleep after Otto leaves and don’t wake till noon.

So, technically, I’m sleeping enough, thanks to the meds, but really, at the wrong hours.

Are they actually helping? Too soon to tell, but I think the answer may be no, or at least, not much. I am having a slight reduction in symptoms, but at the moment it’s not descernable from normal fluctuations.

Working out has been hard… If I sleep till noon, have classes in the afternoon/evening, have reading and writing assignments every week, not to mention housework… Many time’s I’m feeling guilty about the time it takes to work out. Even tho I need to, I want to… I’m too tired or need to get an assigment done by midnight.

I’m making them up tho, I’ll hit my challenge goals, I am getting in nearly daily yoga (or similar), and I am eating clean. And since getting the watch, I’ve even been eating enough. That’s a new thing for me.

I hope Otto isn’t getting sick… that would suck.

I dropped the car off… I hope whatever is wrong will be fixed with the warranty recall… having to fix the transmission on that would royally suck. :( I haven’t gotten a call yet, but I donno if there’s nothing to fix or if they simply haven’t looked yet.

Stress sucks.

I’m still just over 130, thank you seasonale. I know weight doesn’t matter, and it doesn’t, but size does, and I’m unable to wear some of my smaller, tighter clothes. :( This is not fair. I will work to get it back off of me, but this is annoying. I don’t like having to retread ground.


Painting tonite. I hate still-lifes… they are soo…. fruity. Boring, bland, and annoying. Indy projects should be better, but that is a month or so away. Until then, more fruit for me… WOOHOO! *bleach*

I… am bored. Seriously bored. Pretty soon I’m gonna have to find ways to entertain myself… and I’m not sure that would be a good thing. Now, I know, I should just do some homework, or dishes, or something.. but that is simply BORING!

The 05 TLs, by the way, are freekin sweet. Very, very nice. Verry, verrry fun to drive. Now I know why they use new, totally decked out cars as loaners… they want you to want it to buy. So, I want. :D It is a nice replacement for the Saturn… something that is hard for me to say, because the Saturn, tho old, is pretty damn awesome when it comes to driving it. I like lots of maneuverability.

Mousie has commendeered my bag… I told her no but she decided not to listen. Surprise, surprise… and she doesn’t even care. Brat!

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  1. Todd Says:

    Fe, tt here (FTBM). It’s my first time to read your blog. I read everything on the page but chose to comment here so you’d see it.

    You’re journal is a helluva read. I like the entry especially about the squeeze put on by some religious freaks. Well put.


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